Thursday, May 16, 2013

Home Sweet Home

I took a walk in the mountains this morning. I was surrounded by the glory of nature: aspen trees crowned with small pale green leaves, yellow wild flowers, a hawk catching thermals, and a squirrel surprised by my passing. There was blue sky and a soft breeze, and I felt one with nature.

Now, there are naysayers who asperse the title of human, and contend that we are the brutes of the planet, or (a little more kindly) the ignorant contributors to the earth's demise. I do not agree. I take a more lofty position when it comes to people. I believe the majority of us not only appreciate the planet, but care about, wonder at, and celebrate its beauty. I think of all the artists who have painted nature's image, the authors who have struggled to put a sunset into words, the scientists who thrill at some aspect of the earth's diversity. (I always get a chuckle when I'm watching the science channel, and there's a story about a person who's an expert on giant toad migration, or fungus).

And, though there may be the occasional callous CEO who sees only the profit margin of his or her company, most people are conscious of the responsibility we share to take care of our "home." So, get out into nature and enjoy!

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