Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day

Monday morning, my husband, sister, great nephew, and myself were at the cemetery honoring not only those who had fallen in service to America, but also our son who passed away 3 years ago on May 12. It was a day filled with emotion. The bagpipe band was playing Amazing Grace, 100 flags were dancing in the light breeze, and the cemetery was filled with flowers. I spent time sharing my feelings with my dear boy--remembering funny and cherished experiences, missing him, and wondering what activities kept him busy on the other side.  How grateful I am for a testimony of a wondrous life after this one.

I thought of my dear nieces and nephews who have served and are serving in the military. They have sacrificed much for their country, and they have done it willingly and with love. As any mother or auntie in the world, we wish they didn't have to go to war, but we realize that there are evil leaders and men of ill will who must be thwarted in their mad designs.

I pondered my life; its purpose and importance. Was I doing my share to serve others, to teach the vital lessons of America and its inspired constitution, and to work on my own spiritual health?

The day became one of gratitude, reflection, and pondering.  A true Memorial Day.

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