Saturday, May 4, 2013


I have driven a long way to be with my three sisters. Once a year for the last several years we have gotten together (with husbands) in Palm Springs. This year we decided to do something different - sans husbands. Unfortunately, after my trip was planned, and one sister had made her reservations to fly from Michigan to join us, the youngest decided she had to have knee surgery - it couldn't be put off. So three of us are doing fun things for the weekend, then on Monday we will join her, fresh from the hospital, to fix lunch, watch a movie, help her with her rehab exercises and just have a fun time reminiscing. We are all so different. I'm 5 years older than one, 7 years older than the next, and 9 years older than the youngest, but it's funny how age difference disappears as you age. We are all grandmothers, and this year I will be the first to have a grandchild marry. (when we finish our sister's retreat, I'm on my way to South Dakota to help plan the wedding!) We don't look anything alike. One is taller than the rest and her hair is red (now.) Another is pencil thin stemming from drinking turpentine when she was 18 months old. Her hair is rich dark brown (her daughter keeps it that color.) Another is pleasantly plump and has blonde streaked short hair. I couldn't stand the thought of the time, effort and expense of coloring my hair, so I'm almost white. We make an interesting quartet. Our interests are all very different. The Michigan sister discovered quilting and has done several masterpieces. Another is totally devoted to grandchildren and spends copious amounts of time in that glorious cause. The youngest just retired last year and is enjoying her first year of being able to choose what she does with her time, but is involved with all her grandchildren who live nearby. I had lunch with my two favorite cousins yesterday and we were talking about the passions that govern our lives. They both named family history as their passion, and indeed, it is. I guess that would have to be listed along with grandchildren and doing things with hubby as my passions. Interesting that family seems to take precedence in our lives. After all, it is the most important thing we can devote our lives and our passion to - and the most rewarding. May our families continue that tradition down through the generations.

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