Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Giving Blood

by Anna Jones Buttimore

On Friday I am giving blood. I've donated every sixteen weeks for several years now, and I think this will be about my 20th donation, so I'll probably get a little badge or a card or something.

I love giving blood. It just feels so amazing to know that I can do something so simple to save a life. I have never suffered any ill effects from it, and I have never found it painful. I also rather enjoy it because, with three children, a job and a seminary teacher calling, I rarely find time during the day to lie down for fifteen minutes. I don't mind the free drink and biscuit afterwards, either!

More donors are always needed, so why not pop along to your nearest session and fill in the health questionnaire to see if you're eligible? You too could save a life before the weekend rolls around.

1 comment:

Lynn Gardner said...

I love donating blood too, Anna. My last donation was my 66th. Of course, I have a few years on you, so by time you're my age, you'll probably beat my number!!