Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween?

Halloween? Not my favorite holiday. When did this celebration get started? Medieval days? The Dark Ages? Perhaps it acknowledges the last gasp of summer. The demise of the sun. The death of warm pleasant days. All I know is that when it nears the end of October I get grumpy and anxious. I've even been known to flip my calendar over to November a week early.

When my kids were little I got involved with making their costumes. That was creative and a bit fun, but the rest of it: the gore, evil masks, and begging for candy did not impress me. I couldn't wait until the last of the trick or treaters scurried off into the dark night, and I could turn off the lights, and say a prayer of thanks that all hallows eve was over.

Some people are Halloween lovers. For weeks, they decorate their yards (as though it were Christmas), they watch scary movies, and they go to haunted houses. These semi-adults love to dress as witches, goblins, and monsters and scare the wits out of the little kids who just want candy. Candy! That's another baneful subject all together. Don't get me wrong, I like candy. In fact, there are a few kinds of dark chocolate that make me smile, but there's something wrong with kids going out with a bucket or pillow case and coming back, after a few hours of looting, with enough candy to rot their teeth for a year. Can I just say, dentist bills? Really scary.

So, there's my diatribe on the lovely holiday of Halloween. If you love it--go out into the dark night and enjoy! If you're like me, I advise looking forward to November 1st!

Oh no! Is that my doorbell ringing?

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Kelsi Rose said...

My cousin thought that Halloween was a holiday of entitlement so this year she treat for treat instead of trick or treat. She and her kids made a batch of caramel corn and put it in baggies. Then when her kids went up to the door, they gave the person a bag of caramel corn before they got their candy. She said it turned out really well and she was able to meet some neighbors that she hasn't been able to meet before because of conflicting schedules.