Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Happiness List

My daughter and I were talking on the phone this morning, and while our conversation meandered through many topics: holidays, travel, cookie baking--the one thought that intrigued me was her Top 10 Happiness List. She had taken time to ponder the things that made her happy on a daily basis, and then she'd made her list of the top 10. When she mentioned a few of them to me, I realized they weren't earth shaking things, but bright little moments of joy.

I wanted a Happiness List! So, as soon as I'd hung up the phone I grabbed pencil and paper and began jotting down happy events. It was fun. It made me smile. As you can imagine, I came up with many more than 10, but settled on these (for now).

Sitting next to my husband (and enjoying it after 40+ years of marriage)
Seeing random acts of kindness.
Participating in random acts of kindness.
(The above two I snuck from my daughter's list, but they're my favorite too)
Laughing with my daughter, sisters, and friends.
Walking in the mountains.
The shared AMEN after grace at a big family dinner.
Seeing tearful hugs of greeting at the airport.
Enjoying the welcoming antics of my daughter's dog Beans.
The color yellow. (and chocolate) I know that's sort of 10 and a 1/2, but I had to sneak it in.

As I said, I wrote down many other happiness creators, but these are my current 10. It was a joyful way to spend the morning. It lifted my heart and put a smile on my face for the day.

Thanks, daughter!

(I'd love you to share some of the things from your happiness list!)

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