Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Country of Compassion

I have always been proud of America; not of every decision or policy, but surely of the ideals of freedom and compassion. That compassion has shown itself again in the aid being sent to the suffering peoples of Haiti. America has joined with several other of the world's tenderhearted countries to send relief and hope to this small impoverished country.

My soul has been anguished for the last several days with the horrific events occurring in Haiti. In fact, I've been so effected that I've had a hard time sleeping. If I were a doctor or a nurse, I'd be getting on one of those relief flights, but as I have no such skills, I will donate to the Red Cross and to the LDS church's humanitarian aid fund, and say many prayers.
I will pray for relief for the injured, lost, and lonely. I will pray for the children. At the same time I will pray for this to be an opportunity for the country to be freed from despotism. How much better the lives of the Haitian people if their government was one of tolerance, truth, and goodness.

I'm not saying that America is perfect, but at least we have the means in place to keep power in the hands of the people. This is a power we can not afford to lose. America stands as a beacon to oppressed people worldwide that freedom is possible, that for over two hundred years we have embraced a system that has offered its citizens the greatest amount of expanse for genius, expression, ingenuity, and compassion.

As I watch the planes being loaded with food, water, and medical supplies for speedy departure to Haiti, I promise again to never be complacent about my citizenship in America.

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Jennie said...

As another American who has always considered myself fortunate to live in this great country, let me echo your touching comments. Part of what makes our country great is our compassion for those who face tragedies such as these people are going through. There are a lot of prayers and money winging their way to help our Haitian neighbors.