Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh! It's Friday!

Cheri complained about Mondays. I don't mind the weekend ending since I've rested on Sunday and I look forward to plunging back into my week. I guess I don't have the normal Monday blues because my Mondays are the beginning of a new week of accomplishing - trying desperately to get everything done I need to do before I die!
However, Friday is another matter. Apparently my Fridays are most people's Mondays. It's my cleaning day, laundry day, shopping day, in addition to my normal daily routine. I had so much on my plate this morning (Friday) that I even skipped my hour exercising on the Wii. I did do the body test that told me I had gained weight since yesterday. Something I didn't need to be reminded of!
Aside here: did you know that Applebee's has a menu with several delicious 550 calorie meals?? We received a gift card from Glenn's sister for $25 at Applebees so we went yesterday to use it. My Asiago pepper steak was the best steak I've had for ages! Only 550 calories for a plate full of veggies and a wonderful, tender, tasty steak. But I always put on a pound or two when we eat out, thus my Wii reminding me I'm not being good.
Back to Friday - as I'm bending over my third toilet this morning, scrubbing wildly to finish in the 30 minutes I'd allotted myself for the three bathrooms - I would make my time frame! - I suddenly thought of Cheri and Kennon and prayers, then my thoughts went to all of you and I remembered! Friday - my turn to blog!! Oh!!!! Not today. Today I'm doing laundry, vacuuming, windows, painting a stool, patching up nicks in my hall and touching up paint that didn't survive my grandchildren over the past few months.
I have 10,000 steps to walk since I didn't exercise, 7 phone calls to make, five e-mails to send (which I'm working on in my head as I'm cleaning.) I planned to oil all the wood in my house because in our very dry high desert climate, you have to watch wood carefully so it doesn't dry and split. I have water barrels to fill for our preparedness - I'm only two years behind on this task and today was the day to catch up and get it off my every-growing list of things to do - before our winter rains begin on Sunday.
In 1972 - or thereabouts - I compiled a cookbook of my favorite recipes as a present for my sisters and mom. Remember the old hectograph method of reproducing things? That was what I used. The purple pages are fading after 38 years and now that I have granddaughters, my girls decided it needs to be updated with my current favorite recipes and delete the older ones we no longer use. (Remember Whip and Chill? I had several recipes using that and it is no longer available. Just an example of how out-dated some of the recipes are.) I have to send my current favorites to my granddaughter who is retyping the whole thing and making the revisions under the direction of her mom. I need to get those in the mail today. And I need to make a quick trip to town before my husband gets home at noon.
I'll admit, the thought skittered across my mind that I could just skip it this morning and do my blog tomorrow. Then I remembered we are leaving early to drive to the coast to see the Monarch butterflies wintering for a couple of months in Ventura, walk on the beach, and have lunch in some fun place.
So with the only thing on my mind this morning being my list of things to do today, I have blurted out my day, my expectations, my frustrations, and given you nothing of worth. My apologies, dear ladies. I know your schedules are just as busy - or even much busier than my own and you don't go on and on as I've done. But I guess I have given you a direct feed into my scatter-brained mind, for what that's worth. Hopefully you can take a lesson so you don't get this addle-pated when you reach my age! I can see you shaking your heads and being grateful your minds are more organized than mine, that your thought patterns are less wild, jumping from one thing to another in a nano-second.
But I'm incredibly grateful that my mind still works, in its own funny way, that I have the strength, energy and good health to do all I do, and that I know you incredible people who enrich my life so much. Thank you for that blessing.

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Jennie said...

Lynn, I think we all have to do lists in our heads and sometimes on paper and sometimes those lists get side-tracked. I think you're a bit like me, having more list than time and juggling want to against critical to do. I'm letting housework go until I get the Whitneys read, my cousin returns to Alaska, and I get my Primary lesson prepared. Much as I dislike it, sometimes spots have to remain on the kitchen floor, dust on the piano makes me wince, and the best I can say for some of my cupboards is that the doors are closed.