Friday, January 1, 2010

Good-bye to Christmas - Welcome 2010!

Today I'm putting away Christmas. I'd hoped to have it all done so I would have a fresh start on this first day of the New Year and could plunge into my goals and resolutions. Yes. I'm one of those who craft a list of things I hope to accomplish during this new year. Last year, I did very well on most of my resolutions, except that I lost the same 5 pounds 20 times and gained it back again!

But I'm behind schedule before thenew year even begins as we've been blessed with the presence of our youngest daughter and 4 1/2 year old Violet and 11 1/2 month old Julian all this week. Troy, our son-in-law, who wants to be a building contractor instead of a CPA, is constantly remodeling their home. This week, he's installing a sky light in their living room and the main bath, so Shelley and the kids have been with us during the construction.

What fun I've had baking with Violet, coloring with her and reading to her. She talks non-stop, of course, so the air is constantly filled with chatter and song. Julian is mobile - he can't be unsupervised for 30 seconds as he has a wonderful fascination for the tree with it's blue lights and blue and silver ornaments. And newspapers, magazines, shoes, and every tiny little bit of whatever has been left on the floor, all of which immediately goes into his mouth.

So we've had fun with the kids - and nothing on my list of things to do has been accomplished. But if I want to look at it in a different light, I've fed the hungry (four times a day!) sheltered the homeless, bound up the wounds (band-aids!) and clothed the naked (endless laundry!) And been rewarded with endless hugs and kisses, some of which are very slobbery but totally sweet.

We have two more days (at least) to enjoy them before their house will be fit to return to, so I've had to rethink my list, my schedule, my goals, my priorities and remember that nothing is quite as important as being in the moment with my family.

So as I try (not sure it will happen with the little active bodies hovering so close!) to put away Christmas today, the tree, the decorations, my nativities and little ornament tree filled with our Armenian and nativity ornaments, I'll remember that only the symbols need be carefully wrapped, packed, and tucked away, not the meaning of Christmas, nor the reason for it. I may put the Christmas albums back on the shelf, but I won't stop singing the Christmas carols. My daughters sing them all year with me. (Is that strange or what?)

I won't stop thinking of Christ who is the reason for the season, nor stop trying to be like Him, nor stop learning of Him and serving Him. My efforts just won't be as frantic as they are for the month of December. Like Cheri, and probably most of you, I overdo Christmas trying to make it a perfect holiday with perfect memories for all involved, and remembering all my friends and neighbors with notes or goodies. But if I keep the Spirit of Christmas in my heart all year, I will have accomplished all my spiritual goals, probably all my family goals, and certainly most of my personal goals.

And I have a head start on Christmas for 2010. Our Waldenbooks is closing and after two trips (and another one planned with the remainder of the list) I have most of my Christmas and birthday shopping done for my 12 grandchildren and my family for the rest of the year. Not a bad start for the New Year! Now on to my scripture study before the little ones wake, so I can begin the new year with a check mark on my to do list: scripture study accomplished.

Happy New Year to all - may your accomplishments be satisfactory to you and your relationships fulfilling!

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