Saturday, May 3, 2014

An Essay in Pictures

 For three years we have had very little rain - almost not enough to measure. Then we were blessed with two inches - apparently just at the right time because California's famous poppies bloomed this year! Amazing what two inches of rain can do in the desert!!
 This just two miles from our home in the western portion of Antelope Valley.
 The hill you see in the background is the poppy reserve and on great years it shines bright orange from across the valley. This is just a good year - not a great year!
 A close up of these fragile little beauties. When the sun doesn't shine, they don't open. When the wind blows, they close up tight!
 Some uneducated, unthinking people drove across the poppy field - can't imagine what they were thinking! We want all these poppies to live, die, go to seed and propagate themselves, not be crushed to death!
 This was a perfectly beautiful day! Warm sunshine, no wind, and a fragrant perfume from the flowers that was intoxicating!
 I think the wind must have blown the seeds up against this little embankment and they caught there as they are so abundant!
Me, my youngest daughter, and in the foreground her good friend and former mission companion. We picnicked on the edge of the poppy field in the yellow flowers. Both grandkids ran off to chase butterflies or something just as Glenn took our picture.

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