Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Marriage Day

Mid-May to its conclusion is a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. First, there's Mother's Day--a day for which I have never felt appropriately qualified. Of course, I know I'm not alone in these feelings of inadequacy. The responsibilities that come with being a mom are daunting and most of us feel as though we fall short. Over the years I've learned to lighten up. It's an important job, but it can be accomplished with less stress, less perfection, and a big dollop of humor. Hey! We're doing the best we can, right? That's become my motto, "I'm doing the best I can." And, I realize the great blessing of being "Mom" to our amazing daughter who fills my life with laughter and joy. When we share time together, it's always a cornucopia of wisdom and zany fun. I thank the Lord for her everyday. But, Mother's Day is also a pensive time for me. Our son, Shawn, passed away four years ago just a few days from Mother's day. So, thoughts of him are understandably present.

Then comes Memorial Day. On this day I think about my dear son, as well as honor those men and women of the military who have paid the ultimate sacrifice of love. The day is awash with poignant feelings.I cherish this wonderful country and thank heaven that I am a citizen of the United States of America.
My emotions are tender as I see the American flags wave, listen to the soulful tunes of the bagpipers, and listen to the brass band playing Sousa marches.

Finally, at the end of May, comes my anniversary. This is always a good day--a great day! Marrying this man was the best decision of my life. It has been a wonderful adventure, and I'm so grateful to have had someone sitting next to me in the roller coaster. Together we make it through the emotional chaos of May, and onward through the other ups and downs of life which are sure to come. Perhaps that's one of the keys of life--find a friend to help you not only make it through, but to find joy in the journey.

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