Friday, May 16, 2014


Our little corner of the Mojave Desert has become the dumping grounds for Los Angeles County's garbage. The latest incident is the proposed relocation of a serial rapist to live in our neighborhoods. This 61-year-old man is known as the Pillowcase Rapist. You may remember headlines about him several years ago.

He's been in prison, but because some liberal federal judges said California's prison system is over-crowded leading to "inhumane conditions" for prisoners, they have ordered - with stiff penalties to the State of California for non-compliance - the release of hundreds of thousands of prisoners. Does that make sense to you?

These people have committed crimes against humanity, yet because they are forced to live four in a room - while receiving free medical and dental care, free entertainment and education, and free room and board - they are living in inhumane conditions! Give me a break! They are being punished for their crimes - not rewarded with all that free stuff for good behavior. They deserved to have their freedom taken away and they deserved to suffer the consequences of their acts.

Now these liberal judges are forcing California to open prison doors and release thousands of criminals to go right back to burglary, rape, murder and generally doing bad things to their fellow citizens.

The women of our valley have banded together to fight back. They have been demonstrating on street corners, gathering thousands of signatures to send to Governor Brown, and now a couple of Los Angeles talk show hosts are joining in to make these small voices heard across Southern California.

I added my tiny little voice. If some judge thinks it's a good idea to release a monster that preys on women and children, then let that judge take this convicted criminal into his home or his neighborhood. If it is a good idea for us, it must be a better idea for the judge who seems to think Hubbart has been rehabilitated during his years behind bars.

We succeeded last year in blocking the judge from releasing him in this northern part of Los Angeles county. Now he's trying it again and we are standing our ground. We don't want that garbage, especially if it is alive and still able to commit atrocities again our citizens.

It's important to get involved in our community's problems. So important that it might even save our lives.

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