Thursday, April 25, 2013

An Update Instead of a Blog

This was supposed to be my day to blog here on the V-formation. I didn't get it done. Instead I did two rounds of rehab exercises, spent four hours on the CPM machine, had a few dozen staples removed from my knee, spent untold hours strapped to an ice machine, took a lot of pills, fought to stay awake, and never managed to get dressed. I read Esther by Heather Moore while on the CPM machine. It's a great book and I look forward to reviewing it. I caught one little error (and believe me only one error is fantastically good). You really have to look hard to find a typo or misused word in her books. I also cast my Whitney votes--I didn't do all of the categories this year and I regret that I won't be able to attend the gala.

All in all, I'm doing well and I see a slight improvement each day. I'm not allowed to go down the stairs from my bedroom to my office yet, so I'm stuck using my old clunker laptop instead of my desk top computer. My husband rigged up a board to go across my armchair to set it on because I can't hold it on my lap and I can't twist far enough on the bed to set it beside me there. If I don't get an okay to wander down those four stairs to my office by Monday, I'll have to recruit one of my daughters to post my review for Meridian for me. It's written, I just can't access it to send in from this computer. With some cooperation from my editors at Meridian I was able to post today's review. By the way thanks to all the great authors who have helped me through some long CPM sessions, especially Abramson, Sowards, and Moore!

Hopefully this will be my last surgery. Two knees and a pancreas in six months has been rough, but I've been the recipient of a lot of love and kindness. My husband has made so many trips up and down the stairs to take care of me, keep our home running smoothly, cook meals, etc. I'm convinced that the most romantic gestures are not flowers and candy, but putting on Ted hose, doing the laundry, brushing hair, helping in and out of the shower, keeping track of which pills and when, and serving as an exercise coach. My kids have all been great to help and even my two-year-old granddaughter has been helpful. A few days ago she tried to cover me with a blankie because "Grandma has big owie."

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Cheri J. Crane said...

So glad you're on the mend, Jennie. You've truly endured the Refiner's Fire this past year.