Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Roads to Peace

I have a file filled with clippings and articles and pages saved from newspapers, magazines, and my Dad's file of thoughts. As I was flipping through it, I discovered this one that I thought particularly insightful. It was written by someone named Masferrer and in view of the broadcasters who tried to fill up the silence with inane chatter instead of facts, I submmit this for them (as well as for me): Silence is remembering that I would be free today if I had not said yesterday's word, and that today's word will be my chain tomorrow. Silence is remembering that if just one more hour had passed before I judged a certain person or event, in that hour I would have discovered something new to soften my cruel and hasty judgment. Silence is remembering that the simple act of repeating what others say forms an avalanche to destroy tranquility and reputation. Silence is refraining from complaint in order not to worsen the grief of others. Silence is devotion that knows its direction. Silence is being oneself, not a drum that sounds under the fingers of the crowd. Silence is having one's own heart, one's own brain, and not changing sentiments or opinions because others wish it. Silence is speaking with God before speaking with men, in order not to have to repent after having spoken. Silence is speaking quietly with one's own sadness and holding it within until it becomes a smile, a prayer, or a song. When someone said, "Silence is Golden," they definitely spoke a truism.

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Cheri J. Crane said...

Love this. Very inspiring, especially the advice to speak quietly with one's own sadness. =)